The Time of Our Lives



The core aim of the NPSA is to raise money for the School. By getting involved and supporting our events you will be contributing to our revenue and in turn you will be making a real investment in the education and personal development of your child.
Teaching staff make specific requests to the NPSA committee for items they feel are important for our children's education. These are items that the teachers would struggle to provide within existing budgets. All requests from teachers are fed through Mr Hancock and Mrs Kennaugh who prioritise and choose which will be presented to the NPSA in our termly meetings. Any items over £500 will be communicated to all parents via the newsletter at least two weeks prior to the NPSA meeting - allowing parents and carers to feed back their opinions and attend the meeting to vote if they wish.
A vote on the requests takes place in the NPSA meetings, with votes being counted from all those present and including those who have sent their views in writing to the NPSA email address. For requests less than £500 the communication and vote will take place within the NPSA meeting. Everyone's vote is equal and the decision is always based upon majority voting.
In 2015-2016 we have agreed to fund the following (Additional Funding requests will be received throughout the year that will be discussed at each meeting):
Young Voices Trip (coaches and caps for all students): £932
Sound System: £125
Digital Camera: £80
New IT server and computer upgrade: £6,000
Gardening Gloves for Eco Club: £30
Lower School Awning: £4,200
Costumes for the Dance Umbrella: £100
School tips for all Year groups: £1,500
Forest School: £3,600
Cookery ingredients: £50
Year 6 life Skills course: £550
Year 6 Leavers gifts: £430
Defibrillator Batteries: £200
Books for the HUB: £120
In 2014 - 2015 we were delighted to have funded the following:
Story box theatre performance to all year groups  £1,067
School trips subsidised for all year groups  £1,500 (£100 per class)
Forest School Equipment and classes £500 / £2,700
Books at Bedtime  £50
Year 6 life skills courses £550
Year 6 leavers gifts £430
Defibrillator Batteries £200
Costumes for Dance Umbrella £100
Cookery Ingredients £200
Playground Equipment £600
Early Years Equipment £152
Bereavement Resources £130
Playpod £5,000
Year 1 classroom awning £2,300
Mindstorm robot £150
Gardening gloves for gardening club £30
Redecoration of the Upper School Foyer £1,000
Newbridge Sports Sweater for PE trips £40