Choir Words for Sing Up Assembly

We will be singing at least one of these songs for our special Sing Up Assembly on March 22nd so please get practising:

Words for Refuge  click to view
Performance of Refuge click to view                                   
Words for I Feel Your Pain click to view
Performance of I Feel Your Pain click to view
Words for Wade in the Water click to view
Performance of Wade in the Water click to view


Practise makes perfect              

Learning an instrument or singing, can't be done once a week in the lesson. It takes practise and determination.

Here are a few ideas about making practise worthwhile:

1 Practise regularly; a little and often is better than once or twice for longer

2 Tackle short sections at a time; don't keep going from the start 

3 Work at bits you can't play, not bits you can already play

4 Practise SLOWLY at first: only speed up when you are perfect

5 Concentrate and ignore and distractions

6 Try to include warm ups, scales and sight reading every time you practise

7 Practise performing pieces to family and friends; ask to play in assembly when you are ready

8 Enjoy it! Every second spent practising will make you a better player and you will be proud of your progress


Choir For Christmas

Please encourage as much practise as possible of these songs

Other Christmas words needed

click here

Let It Go

click here

He is born  This one needed on 24th November!

Words click here

Music click here

Holly and Mistletoe

Words click here

Music click here

Christmas Cacophony

Words click here

Man with the bag

Words click here

Music click here

Frosty the Snowman

Words click here

Music click here

Adult Choir For Christmas

Candlelight (click the part you need)




Hallelujah (click part you need)







Year 3 Class Performance

 3A Twinkle Twinkle May 2016

3A Twinkle Twinkle May 2016

Year 2 Recorders

Shrimp Circus music

Choir Music

The choir are going to take part in 'The Reggae Project' organised by Bath Primary School's Arts Festival (BPSAF) taking place on the Forum on June 16th at 6.30pm

These are 3 of the songs they will need to know. Click on the links to listen and learn:

I Believe

Blue Mountain

Sky Blue


Left to right




Class Music

Year 3: Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Old Mac D 3OE May 2016

Year 3: If You're Happy and You Know It

Year 3 have been learning to play as a class orchestra. This arrangement of If You're Happy is hard because each part has to do a different rhythm. Didn't they do well!

3A If You're Happy April 2016

3OE If You're Happy April 2016


Year 5 Gamelan

Year 5 have been learning about music from Indonesia. A Gamelan is an Indonesian orchestra. This is their performance of a Gamelan piece

5A Gamelan April 2016

5C Gamelan April 2016

5H Gamelan April 2016

Year 4 class music

Year 4 have been learning to play ‘Swing Low’.  Each child played one of 3 parts, learning the correct notes as well as keeping in time with the rest of the class.  Both classes did a great job. Please click on the link to hear the class performances

4SM Swing Low

4H Swing Low

Year 5 Protest Songs

Year 5 have created their own protest songs, each group making up their own verse, chorus or middle 8. Although the songs sounded a little disjointed on the recording, I was really pleased with the quality of tune writing and performance skills. Well done year 5. Please click on the link to hear the class performances.

5C Protest Song

5A Protest Song

5H Protest Song


Young Voices

Click on the following link, especially if you didn't get to go this year

 Young Voices official snapshot of Birmingham 2016

Young Voices 2016 Photos

Click on the links below to view more photos

photo 1  photo 2  photo 3  photo 4  photo 5
 photo 6  photo 7  photo 8  photo 9  photo 10
 photo 11  photo 12  photo 13  photo 14  photo 15
 photo 16  photo 17  photo 18    

Christmas Music

Choir words for Christmas Songs            click to view words         Image result for christmas

Christmas songs: performances to sing along to for practise

Away in a manger           click to hear

Frosty the snowman       click to hear

Jingle Bell Rock              click to hear

Jingle Bells                     click to hear

Merry Christmas Everyone     click to hear

Rocking around              click to hear

Rudolph                          click to hear

Santa Claus is coming    click to hear

We wish you a merry      click to hear


Christmas Choir Gig Dates

Thursday 26th November       Abbey                        Year 5-6 choir                                        2.00-5.00

Thursday 3rd December         School Fair               Whole choir                                            4.45-5.00

Wednesday 9th December     Busking Bath            Whole Choir                                           1.00-3.15

Friday 11th December             Choir Tour                Whole choir 11.00-1.30 and year 5-6   11.00-3.15

Wednesday 16th December    School concert        Whole choir and all other musicians   7.00pm

Thursday 17th December        School concert        Whole choir and all other musicians   10.00am             


Adult Choir Scot's Nativity: individual lines

Soprano                click to hear

Alto                        click to hear

Men                       click to hear

Young Voices

Choir going to Young Voices                                                                       

140 children have booked a place and we are now busy practising the songs

Letters have gone out inviting children to join choir and take part in this year's performance with Young Voices.

NPSA support

We are very grateful to the NPSA who, once again, have agreed to support us by subsidising the coach fair and paying for caps to help us spot our Newbridge children on the trip and other trips 

DVDs of songs and moves. Click on the following links and start dancing

Uptown Funk dance moves

Utter Madness                  

Gospel Train all parts       

Gospel train ending          

Power in me                       

Video Killed the Radio Star

Full performance of songs. When you click on the link it will download to your 'downloads'. Open and play in your choice of programme   

Transport of delight                    transport

Get Loud                                    Get loud

Lightening Tree                          Lightening   

Invincible                                     Invincible

Somebody to Love                      Somebody to Love

Pop Medley                                 Pop medley

River Deep Mountain High          River deep

Utter Madness                            Utter Madness

Gospel Train                              Gospel              

Power in me                               Power in me

Video Killed the Radio Star        Video Killed radio

Words  When you click on the link it will download to your 'downloads'. Open and play in your choice of programme   

        words 2016

For more information about the experience please go to 



 YEAR 6 !!!

In the Wild Wild West

Where is the Hero

Little Ol' Town

Wild West Hero

Wild West Hero SLOWER

Be a Boy

Spooner's Spectacular

Stetson Stomp