The Time of Our Lives

Choir Songs for 11th July

Here are the 4 song tracks. Solos only for This Is Me

This is me    click here

It don't mean a thing    click here

Why we sing     click here

Let's twist again    click here

Year 3 songs for BPSAF

 Try to practise these songs as much as possible before next Thursday's concert


Let's fly to Mars

Around the World

Off we go again

Our day out

Strange Creatures

Sun sand and sea

The fair's in town




Class Performances during term 5 by years 3, 5 and 6

Year 3 learnt to play the backing for If You're Happy And You Know it

To hear 3AO ..... click here

To hear 3H .....  click here


5B learnt to play Tubular Bells.... click here


Year 6 have been treating their owns songs in groups. They were AMAZING. Here are just a few.

6B.... click here    and    click here

6A.... click here    and    click here



Class Performances during terms 3-4 by years 2-5


Year 2 have been working hard on rhythms and staying in time with the beat.

                                               To hear Mambo rhythms ...... click here and click here

Year 3 have been looking at Caribbean music

                                               To hear the 3H calypso ......... click here  and  click here

Year 4 learnt an accompaniment to the Sing Scat song

                                               To hear 4C .... click here  and to hear 4KE ... click here

Year 5 learnt to play part of Elgar's Nimrod Theme

                                                To hear 5B ..... click here


Year 5 visit to Colston Hall to watch and take part in Bournmouth Symphony Orchestra's concert

on Thursday 12th April 2018

The following 2 pieces will be performed on the day. Practise will make the enjoyment more fulfilling 


Secrets and Codes Song     click to hear

B.S.O. body percussion       click to hear



Young Voices 2017-18

   Some photos from the day











Song tracks

Singing together                   click here

Name that toon                    click here

Africa                                   click here

Why we sing                         click here

Extraordinary                        click here

Pop goes the classics             click here

Hakuna Matata                      click here

Kyrie Eleison                         click here

Anytime you need a friend     click here

The call                                 click here

You're in the band                  click here

Sir Juke                                 click here

As (chorus 1)                          click here

As (chorus 2)                          click here

I wish                                     click here

Signed sealed delivered          click here

I'm yours                                click here

Pop medley 2018                    click here



Page 1    click here

Page 2    click here

Page 3    click here

Page 4    click here




For more information about the experience please visit Young Voices.


Year 6 :)

Here they all are. Get practising

The dream


D and Me

P and T



B the B

P song


3 wedding

P and T 1st reprise

P and T 2nd reprise