The Time of Our Lives

Young Voices 2017-18

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Song tracks

Singing together                   click here

Name that toon                    click here

Africa                                   click here

Why we sing                         click here

Extraordinary                        click here

Pop goes the classics             click here

Hakuna Matata                      click here

Kyrie Eleison                         click here

Anytime you need a friend     click here

The call                                 click here

You're in the band                  click here

Sir Juke                                 click here

As (chorus 1)                          click here

As (chorus 2)                          click here

I wish                                     click here

Signed sealed delivered          click here

I'm yours                                click here

Pop medley 2018                    click here



Page 1    click here

Page 2    click here

Page 3    click here

Page 4    click here




For more information about the experience please visit Young Voices.


Adult Christmas Choir

There are 'posh' recordings of parts for Sops and Altos but not the men sorry. So me just use the piano line I've done. Ladies you can you both/either of your versions. Just click on the titles below

posh soprano

piano sops

posh altos

piano altos

piano men

piano part-backing

posh full performance