The NPSA Virtual Escape Room


Welcome to another NPSA first: a virtual escape room! If you've never done one of these before, it's just like a real-life escape room - there are puzzles to solve and locks to open in order to escape a room. 


There is a link to the Escape Room below - it's a google form. In the google form you'll find the 'story' and a series of multiple choice questions that enable you explore your virtual room. By exploring you'll discover locked objects, as well as pictures, clues & puzzles that will enable you work out the codes to open the locks. Each time you put in the correct code to unlock something, the story will continue and there will be more to discover. Eventually - if you're lucky - you'll find your way out!


This Escape Room is aimed at KS2 children and their parents - there's nothing in it that is unsuitable for younger children, but they might find the puzzles a bit trickier and less fun. It should take 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. 


The Escape Room is here


This game is best played on a tablet or PC, so that you have a larger screen. You do not need any other equipment, other than a pen and paper to make notes as you go through - you never know which pieces of information might come in handy - although there are a couple of puzzles that you might find it easier to print out if you can (there are links to printable versions of those puzzles within the google form, and there is also a link below in case you would like to print them out before you start the game).


Scroll down further for a link to a 'cheat sheet', so if you get really, really stuck you can find out the answer and continue with the game. The answers in the cheat sheet are in white text on a white background, so you will need to highlight them and change the text colour in order to read them. This just means that you won't accidentally see the answers if you don't want to.


If you have any difficulties accessing the google form itself, please email and we'll do our best to help.


Finally, if you enjoy doing the escape room, please could we ask that you do two things:

  • Share a link to this page with friends and family who might enjoy it. Anyone can play, so spread the word!
  • Donate using the link below. All funds raised go to support our children and our school via the NPSA (Newbridge Primary School Association, Reg'd Charity No. 1014793). Thank you!





The puzzles to download and print, if you want to:

Escape Room



The 'Cheat Sheet':

Escape Room Cheat Sheet



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