Challenge 21!


What can you do to make a bright start to 2021? 

The idea behind Challenge 21 is to come up with your own challenge related to the number 21, something you can complete during this half term. The challenge could be related to your learning, to your mental or physical wellbeing, to a hobby, or to something in your local community, it is entirely up to you.  

To help spark some ideas you could: 

  • Learn how to spell 21 new words or learn the 21 times table! 
  • Write down 21 jokes and send them to someone who needs cheering up 
  • Walk 21 miles (probably not all at once!)
  • Practise a musical instrument for 5 minutes every day for 21 days 
  • Do 21 chores to help out at home 

You could also get family members involved and come up with a collective challenge to complete as a family, or each decide on your own challenge and see who does the best. 


Once you have come up with your challenge you need to:


1. Schedule time to do your challenge. For example, if it is something that you’re going to do every day for 21 days, think about when you need to start your challenge so that you can finish by half term.


2. If you would like to raise money whilst completing your challenge, then you can download a sponsorship form below.

Challenge 21 Form

Depending on your challenge, you could ask one or two family members or friends to sponsor you for each day you complete your task (e.g. 5p or 10p a day), or to donate an amount on completion of your task.

It would be amazing if together we could raise £2,021 (that is approximately £5 per child). 


3. On completing your challenge, collect in any sponsorship money and pay it into the NPSA account via bank transfer. The details for the NPSA bank account are:


Name: Newbridge Primary School Association (NPSA)

Bank: Lloyds 

Sort code: 30-99-86

Account number: 82873168


4. Celebrate your amazing achievement!  


Good luck with your challenge! Don't forget to let us know about your challenge by emailing so we can share your efforts in the next newsletter, and let your teachers know what you're up to via Google Classroom. We can't wait to see what you come up with!


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