The Time of Our Lives



Volunteers at our school bring with them a range of skills and experience that can enhance the learning opportunities, achievement and enjoyment of children at our school. We welcome and encourage volunteers from the all sections of the local community.

Our Volunteers include:

  • Parents and other relatives of pupils
  • Members of the Governing Body
  • Ex-pupils
  • Students on work experience
  • Ex-members of staff
  • Local residents

 Volunteering Opportunities

The types of activities that Volunteers support and assist with include:

  • Hearing children read
  • Working with small groups of children
  • Working alongside individual children
  • Undertaking art and craft activities with children
  • Working in our school Learning Resource Centre
  • Running or assisting with after-school clubs
  • Working with children on the computers
  • Accompanying school visits 

For all inquiries, please speak to Cherry Hill in the school office.

We do ask that all volunteers have a current DBS check for Newbridge Primary School.


The Benefits of Volunteering

For the children: increases in understanding, achievement, self confidence and self esteem.

For teaching staff: greater opportunity to work with other children, so enabling the class as a whole to learn more effectively and achieve more.

For the volunteer: a great sense of achievement and personal satisfaction, new knowledge and new skills, experience for a career working with children.

What Volunteering Has Already Helped Achieve In Newbridge

Our school and our pupils are lucky enough to benefit, on a daily basis, from the fantastic efforts of our many brilliant volunteers, who have helped the achievement of a wide range of important activities and benefits, including:

  • Supporting learning across the curriculum
  • Supporting arts week
  • Supporting literacy week
  • Helping organise the library and donating library books
  • Raising funds and providing a wide range of resources and facilities
  • Joining in with “Groundforce” days and other environment-focussed activities
  • Designing and producing the school prospectus and school calendars
  • Helping with the design and provision of various school systems (e.g. “pupil tracking”)
  • Helping to design the school uniform
  • Supporting clubs (e.g. art and recorders)
  • Assistance with assemblies and a wide variety of other school events, including school plays and productions
  • Even arranging visits by Father Christmas!