The Time of Our Lives

Newbridge Primary School Association
Supporting our Children, our School and our Community
Welcome to the NPSA!
As a parent or carer of a child at Newbridge Primary School, you automatically become a member of the NPSA (Newbridge Primary School Association).
The core aim of the NPSA is simple - raising money for our School whilst having fun and building our community.
The NPSA organise regular cake sales, mufti days (non uniform days), book at bedtime, School discos, Fairs, quiz nights, family BBQs and many other fun activities.
Events are planned at regular meetings, approx 6 times per year, and parents are invited to volunteer their time and enthusiasm to help.
Becoming an active member of the NPSA is an ideal way to meet people and take part in your child's life at School. You don't have to come along to meetings to be a supportive member though - your support by turning up to events, putting up posters, baking cakes, donating prizes etc. is just as important and valued.
The Committee
The NPSA committee is elected annually at the AGM - they run the meetings and co-ordinate the events. The elected committee for 2017-2018 is as follows:
Chair: Amy Osborn
Treasurer: Kathy Runacres
Vice Treasurer: Fiona Remnant
Secretary: Katherine Wellings
Communications: Charlotte Morris
Grants:  Kersti Haabjoern, Nicola Warner and Ben Hilton
Summer Raffle: Jo Blair and Hannah Brownell
Cake Sales: Kate Warner
Bags 2 School: Karen Rye
School Discos: Victoria Cavaco 
Class Reps
A class rep is the link between the NPSA and the parents in your class. Their main task is to help encourage volunteers for the events such as the Christmas and Summer Fairs. They also help co-ordinate the teas and coffees at class assemblies and ensure the popular cake sales run smoothly.
Some class reps send out information to parents each week telling them of things they may need to remember and others organise class socials.
The Class Reps for 2017-2018:
Ladybirds: Stephanie Bateman and Helen Clarke
Bees: Kersti Haabjoern and Ellie Giles
1O:  Hannah Brownwell and Jo Blair
1SC: Charlotte Morris and Emma Shah
2C: Amy Williams
2R:  Nicola Warner and Kathy Runacres
3H:  Ellie Roberts
3AO:  Sarah Stacey
4C:  Astrid Siddorn and Shula Smith
4KE:  Amy Francis and Rachel McDonagh
5H:  Lorna Anderson and Joanne Radway
5B:  Katy Hancock and Katherine Wellings
6B:  Catrin Yeomans and Kritsana Tawong
6A:  Sarah Burns and Ailee Steele