Headteacher's Message

Friday 20th March, 2020  9.15pm

Dear Parents and Carers

We reach the end of a very bumpy week. And with our time together coming to such an abrupt end, I know you will all be feeling as I am right now; cheated of all of the wonderful school experiences that lay ahead for all of the children and your family. Having the time to catch up and chat and the everyday of seeing one another makes the school feel a very lonely place this evening.

Sadly this is not our usual newsletter of celebration; however so much is to be commended this week, none of which I imagined I would be writing just a couple of weeks ago. The dramatic turn of events which is impacting all of our lives has at the same time made me feel proud, hugely supported and eternally grateful.

The children, as always, have stood out. Amidst the turmoil in the wider world, they have continued to be the finest young people. Taking the days in their stride and giving back with the sound of fun and laughter.

Whilst the time at Newbridge for the majority of children has been paused for now, they will return and in time to be able to carry on the Newbridge journey. However, for our outstanding Year 6 pupils, who we have known since Reception, the prospect of returning is not so certain. They know and understand this and feel dreadfully sad and cheated too. With Key Stage 2 SATs in their sights, having committed to their learning for six and half years, they will feel that their work here is not done. Possibly losing out on the chance to perform their end of year production is cruel. Considering not having the opportunity to stand on the stage at the leavers’ assembly and to be applauded for all of their efforts is too difficult to accept. But, knowing that they are such amazing young people who care deeply about others and their school makes me and the rest of the staff feel so incredibly proud of each and every one of them. I know that we may miss out on having them as a part of our school again, but their legacy will be left behind for others to follow and step up to. They have all achieved so much. They have made an impact and I know that they will take their next steps as caring, creative young people, who will responsibly make a difference to our world. Good luck Year 6.


With this, thank you to all of the Year 6 parents, and especially those who may too be moving on as their time at Newbridge ends. You have helped and supported us in so many ways over the years - you too have made a difference.

The special community of Newbridge has been epitomised this week. The ‘can do’ attitude has been sung out at every twist and turn. Whenever was it the parents’ responsibility to give up their time, and in great spirits, to deliver needed items around the area?  How can we think it possible that in a week of dread, families upon families can donate items of food, throwing others a life-line so generously? How, when no doubt feeling overwhelmed at the rapidly changing events, can parents take the time out to look out for us, ask how we are and send  incredibly supportive messages – sometimes propping us up to be able to continue in our work.  This is added to of course, by the overwhelming offers of help going forward from this point, ensuring that together we can do the best by our community. I, along with the staff, have felt extremely touched by your kindness, care and support and I will never forget this.

The unsung heroes this week are all of our staff team. Each morning they have received instruction which has required urgent action. They have committed beyond their hours. They have demonstrated level headedness at a time of uncertainty. They have planned strategically when under pressure. They have looked out for one another. They have shown deep regard and much needed security for their pupils. They have been, and will continue to be superb. I praise and thank each and every one of them and I am so grateful that together they make our staff team so strong.

So, for now, it’s goodbye to many of you. I wish your family the very best and I will continue to hold our special community in my mind as a focus. We will see you and I look forward to that day.

For others, we will see you sooner as you drop your children to our care. You will be our critical workers – the ones ensuring support and safety for all. I applaud you all and will think of you with the challenges you are facing during the weeks and months ahead.

Please all, throughout this journey, I urge you to continue with all of the safety advice. This is paramount to protecting everyone and our families.

Take care.

Yours sincerely


Gill Kennaugh

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